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Finding your perfect date may be nothing more than a numbers game. And because of that, popular dating websites are a good place to start. They are big and affordable...and we show you which one may work best for you.
Age is usually a common factor when looking for date, but not all dating websites accommodate all age groups. Which dating site suites your needs? We show you...
There is nothing racist about joining an ethnic dating service. Go to what attracts YOU first, and let the dating website do the rest. Here is a list of top race-based websites.
Religion is a major matching criteria when trying to find a sole mate online. Focusing your initial dating effort on religious websites may be your best bet. See how these religious websites compare.
The emergence of gay & lesbian dating websites is opening doors for those looking for long-term, same-sex relationships. Take caution, though...some sites are great, some aren't.
Short-term relationships and discrete affairs do have their place in the online dating world. Here we focus on some safe and proven online societies that cater to this adult-dating world.
VIP & Exclusive dating websites offer the advantages of highly filtered profiles and extensive personal support. But it may come at a financial cost. See how these sites compare.
Integrating your dating efforts with Facebook & Smartphones can help you find that perfect relationship faster than ever! See which websites embraces these technologies.
You need more than just a dating site, you need to learn HOW to date, too. We know where you can get this advice. Read more!

Exclusive Dating Articles

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